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I’m Ash! I’m an Interview Coach with almost 15 years’ experience in recruitment; hiring for some of the largest tech brands in the world; both internally for Amazon & externally for Google, Microsoft, Samsung & Accenture The Dock.

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My Story


Starting out as an EA in the construction Industry, the beginning of my career was challenging - the journey took me through recession & redundancy, quickly followed by endless job applications [that went nowhere] & despair.


I hadn't considered recruitment before but when the opportunity arose, I took a leap of faith & dove headfirst down a new career path. 


After a few years in agency I started targeting internal recruitment roles, but I had little success in the beginning - I’d get to final rounds but never get an offer & I couldn’t understand why. I felt I fit the culture, I was hard-working & being naturally personable was my forte. 

Then after one of the worst interviews of my life, I finally realised where I was going wrong - I was getting overwhelmed by the process ; too much information & not enough focus on what was most relevant From that moment onwards, I deciphered a new prep strategy... & never looked back!


Because of my past, helping people to find their dream jobs has always been the number one motivator throughout my career. 


I've successfully onboarded 800+ candidates [from junior level right through to C-Suite] across multiple roles, companies &  locations within the EMEA & NA regions. 


I’ve been involved in the calibrations of 100's of interviews and have gained massive insights into how global companies conduct, evaluate and level their candidates during the hiring process.


When you understand the science behind recruitment & you prepare yourself strategically, it can transform your perception of interviewing & how you approach these sometimes stressful situations..

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