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What Hours Do You Work?

Core hours are 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.


How Can I Get Started?

  • Choose Service 

  • Connect via Submissions Form

    • Optional: Free 15-min Consultation Call

  • Make Payment

  • Upload Your CV and Targeted Job Spec

  • Select Date & Time 

  • Schedule Your Zoom Session 

What’s The Difference Between Interview Coaching & Career Coaching?

While both services are similar, interview coaching is all about the actual interview & your performance throughout the process - if you get really nervous/ anxious, or you simply don’t know how to approach them, an interview coach can teach you all of the skills needed to be successful. A career coach on the other hand is more focussed on helping you through issues you might have surrounding your career goals, current job performance, promotions, etc. Both services offer guidance & empathy, but one specialises more in interview strategy, while the other specialises more in career trajectory.


Why Are Sessions Conducted Online?

Because the majority of tech companies conduct their interviews online! Since the pandemic there has been a huge shift to remote interviewing - this has always existed in some form within tech so it’s very likely that this new remote model will be a permanent one. 

Does Your Coaching Method Work For Other Industries Besides Tech?

Yes of course! While I base my interview strategies around Big Tech, the interviewing principles are the same and will work for any industry you're interested in. My own background is in Tech so it's where I feel I can add the most value for my clients. Plus, the bar is set high for interviewing with Big Tech, so preparing against their standard can only mean success, no matter what company you interview with

Do You Do Psychometric / Personality Tests?

No. However I do provide resources to the best online tools available for clients.


How Do I Pay?

At the moment, through bank transfer / Revolut. Online card payments will be available in the coming months.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

All prices are visible on each of the services pages. Alternatively, you can email to request a breakdown [PDF copy] of all Packages & Prices 


Do You Help International Candidates?

Yes! International Students & Professionals benefit massively from Interview Coaching & CV services - first & foremost, you’re applying for roles & conducting your interviews in a different language, so being more specific in your approach will help to build confidence in your abilities.. Secondly, there’s a steep learning curve on how you should position yourself as a foreign candidate [when moving to any new country] so knowing immigration protocols & how to navigate visa status during the application process can be extremely helpful.

How Does Interview Coaching Work?

The service is designed for people who struggle to present themselves effectively and confidently when they’re interviewing. By breaking down the structures and explaining the science behind recruitment [from both psychological & data insights perspectives] the aim of the program is to rebuild your mindset and then show you the most effective strategy to use when you are preparing. This ensures that you feel more confident, relaxed and prepared beforehand.


Do You Do Cover Letters?

Yes, I do provide cover letter templates to clients and will happily help to write one if it’s needed. Cover letters are rarely a requirement when applying for roles and they're only effective in certain situations, like if you’re applying to a specific industry ; you're changing careers ; you need to explain relocation reasons; etc. While they can be a nice to have, they don't influence decisions massively - it's much more beneficial to focus on as much relevant experience as you can add to your CV.

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