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LinkedIn Branding

Many people still underestimate the importance of LinkedIn in their job search and some are reluctant to embrace social media in general. However, in addition to it being a great research tool for company research, it is also the number one platform used by recruiters, with 87% of them actively using it daily.

A professionally written profile can easily open doors to new opportunities that you would not otherwise have known about, unless you were scrolling through every other jobs board on a constant and frequent basis.

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Search [boolean] operators allow hiring managers and recruiters to filter results based on your metrics, [such as: the companies you’ve worked for, the number of years of experience you have, the role you’ve worked in, and the core skills you have acquired throughout your career to date, etc.] and based on their own requirements they can shortlist and contact you regarding their roles.

This is what makes setting up and optimising a LinkedIn profile so important, now more than ever - if you’re not on the platform, you’re missing out on opportunities!

Is This Service For You?

The service is designed for individuals who:

  •  Are job-seeking and want to create an impressive LinkedIn profile that will get them noticed by recruiters & hiring managers

  • Are employed but want to build a professional network of people who will more naturally open the doors to new opportunities either now, or some time in the future

  • Want to build up their personal brand online and become more well known in their industry +/ niche

What You'll Learn

  • How to create an All-Star LinkedIn profile​ and be found by recruiters & their boolean operators

  • Gather collateral that will make your profile stand out to recruiters & hiring managers

  • Upload visual assets & other media that will make your profile more engaging

  • How to write an impressive professional summary & add your work experience, education, internships, etc. in the correct order & with the right keywords and content included

With over 800 million members, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, so being part of its community will always be advised for professionals & job-seekers alike, as it immediately connects you with businesses, hiring managers & job opportunities on a daily basis.

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