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Mock Interviewing

Mock interviews in-short are practice interviews that are designed to emulate a real life interview scenario as closely as possible in order to help you refine your answers ahead of time and enhance your performance when it comes to the real thing.


They are frequently overlooked by job-seekers, however they are known to be the biggest turning point for candidates during the preparation phase with studies showing that 92% of professionals who completed one found them to be the most critical part of their interview journey.


Impartial evaluation & constructive feedback provided by the ‘interviewer’ [coach] means that you acquire a realistic perspective on areas where you fall down - you can then use this feedback to apply better structure & data in your answers.

Most importantly, the feedback provided after mock interviews are known to reduce stress, nerves & anxiety relating to interviews because they affirm your ability to answer questions correctly and provide you with more clarity on how you’re articulating yourself. Receiving words of encouragement & more reassurance on your strengths will also boost your confidence beforehand.

"Mock interviews help candidates to understand exactly what is expected of them during an interview & when answering interview questions. The main aim is identify gaps you may have in your answers that prevent you from providing an impressive & more well-rounded representation of yourself."

                                                                                                                  Ash @The Interview² 

Who Is The Service For?


It's designed for professionals & graduates who:

  • May be relatively new to interviewing and want to familiarise themselves with the process

  • Are experienced interviewees but have an important interview coming up and want to ensure they’re on point with their answers & articulating themselves effectively

  • Want to practise answering traditional and competency / behavioural based interview questions [STAR technique]  with confidence

  • Want to practise video [remote] interviewing to ensure they’re set up correctly and that their body language, eye contact & appearance is acceptable


*All mock interviews are recorded with a copy provided to each client

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