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CV Preparation

Your CV is a written representation of who you are and should highlight your core skill set, your soft skills and your relevant work experience to potential employers. If you’re trying to impress the recruiter and hiring manager, you have to effectively structure your experience and quickly show them why you are the perfect person for their role.


On average, 75% of CV's are rejected by recruiters before they ever reach the hiring manager for review. If you don’t immediately show the recruiter and hiring manager how suitable you are for their role then there’s an extremely strong chance you’ll get overlooked for interviews.


Fortunately, creating the perfect CV for each job you’re applying to isn't nearly as frustrating as it sounds - by using insights from a combination of science, human behaviour & keyword optimisation, your CV can be easily templated and then tailored specifically to each company and role you’re interested in applying for.

Who's The Service For?

It's designed for professionals & graduates who

  • Are looking for new job opportunities and want to make a great first impression

  • Are applying for jobs but are struggling to secure any interviews

  • Want to move up to the next level in their new role but don’t know how to position themselves or their experience

  • Want to change careers and apply for new roles where they may be lacking the specific skills required

  • Are interested in moving abroad / internationally and don’t know how to position themselves effectively to ensure they don’t get overlooked as viable candidates

What You'll Learn

During the Preparation call, we will:

  • Review your current CV

  • Go through the layout of CV’s and why they need to be structured in a specific way

  • Identify your key skills

  • Build your professional profile

  • Use ‘power words’ to create more engaging content

  • Highlight your core strengths throughout and use transferable skills if needed

  • Show you how to easily customise your CV for each role you apply to

  • Show you how to navigate the Applicant Tracking System [ATS] and beat Recruiting AI

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