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Interview Skills Training

This masterclass is designed for jobseekers who want to upskill quickly for their interviews, alleviate their nerves / anxiety and learn how to prepare more efficiently. Whether you’re a recent grad trying to find your place in the commercial world, or an experienced professional looking for an exciting new job opportunity, these strategies will help you to take that step forward more confidently.


What you’ll learn:

  • The science behind recruitment

  • Rapid company research

  • The Interview Framework

  • Preparing for traditional, behavioural & competency based Interviews

  • Strategic Q’s to ask your interviewer 

  • The optimum interview prep strategy


You will also receive actionable tools & resources including checklists & sample interview questions, plus bonus materials :- salary negotiations.


The strategies shared in this masterclass have helped clients to level up quickly and land their dream jobs with leading global brands, such as Amazon, Google, Samsung, TikTok, Mastercard & Accenture Interactive.

Book Your Place:

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*Masterclasses take place on Tuesday's at 12:00pm

Duration 60mins [+ Q&A]

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