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Interview Coaching

This program is designed for people who struggle to present themselves effectively and confidently during the interview process.

By breaking down the entire structure and explaining the science behind recruitment, the aim of the program is to rebuild your mindset when it comes to interviewing and show you the most effective strategy to use when preparing for each. This is to ensure that you feel way more relaxed and prepared… and will bring you one step closer to landing your dream job!


Interviewing is a [life] skill that you learn and one you constantly improve on over time. This is what makes it so important for individuals to empower themselves early on and master the ability to successfully perform during these sometimes challenging situations.


It’s important to clarify that interviews are your opportunity to highlight your skills, show off your personality and present your capabilities to a potential employer. It should be treated like an exam, where studying beforehand is key!

Is Interview Coaching For You?

Interview coaching is for those candidates who :

  • Feel overwhelmed by the process in general and don’t know what strategy to follow

  • Feel nervous or anxious about interviewing, or even applying for new roles

  • Struggle to get past the first round Interview

  • Have recently graduated & are interviewing for the first time

  • Are not native English speakers & need more focussed direction and practice

First Session
  • The Science Behind Recruitment

  • Breakdown of The Entire Interview Framework

  • How To Conduct Company Research Effectively

  • How To Answer Interview Q’s

  • What Q’s To Ask In Interviews

  • The Most Effective Interview Strategy To Follow

Second Session
  • You Will Complete A Mock Interview

  • Receive Constructive Feedback On Your Performance

  • Ensure You’re Covering All Of The Key Requirements Hiring Managers Will Be Looking For

  • Ensure Your Answers Are Structured & That You’re Relaying Your Experience Powerfully

  • Ensure Your Body Language And Appearance Are On Point

The Process
  • Choose Service

  • Connect via Submissions Form

  • Make Payment

  • Upload CV & Targeted Job Spec

  • Select A Suitable Date & Time

  • Schedule 2x Zoom Sessions

    • Informational Training

    • Mock Interview

    • 90mins each

  • Receive ongoing support via Email +/ WhatsApp

    • Until you secure your new job / 6-month time limit.

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